2018: The brainchild of Jayant Kashyap that Anil Sethumadhavan helped bring to life. The two initially worked together over the first few submissions, but busyness over time made Anil back away (for a while?) Jayant, then, worked on it himself (with patience) and received an unexpected number of submissions — he selected 10 poems (out of 101 that came in), 2 (out of 6) short stories and an artwork (out of 11) for the first issue, not including Simran Keshwani’s ‘Time Warp’ (our first featured poem).

Later in 2018: Jayant was joined by Kat Devitt, whose gothic fiction piece appeared in the first issue (and was also nominated for the year’s Pushcart Prize); — she helped (quite passionately) with fiction submissions for the second issue, which featured artwork by Fabrice Poussin two poems by the wonderful Kathryn Maris, and nonfiction for the first time, alongside other things.

2019: The beginning of this year saw Jayant and Kat joined by Lisa Stice (or it happened just after the second issue appeared online), thus making Bold + Italic a better internationalised journal, with editors being based in India and the US, and writers and artists from all around the world. The trio then showed up with a fantastic set of 12 poems (picked from 152 passers by), 3 (of 9) pieces of prose, an artwork by Jim Zola and 2 featured poems — one each from Richard Thomas and Jamie Houghton. This was the third issue.

Mid 2019: The passengers have reached the destination, including artwork by Jeremy Nathan Marks and featured poems by Anne Casey, whose debut collection sold out twice in the past couple of years. Have a look!

Late 2019: Oh, Christmas! There are plans … and nobody’s going to be able to hate any of those.

In the upcoming months after the publication of the forth issue, we’re planning to bring about a selection of poems, prose, artwork (and whatsoever) online by our numerous favourites. These will first appear as blog posts over days and weeks and will finally be collected (as a whole) as our fifth issue sometime around Christmas. If you, dear visitor, have even the faintest idea of who we should contact, please drop us an email — boldplusitalic@gmail.com

If you wish to have an idea of the kind of writers we’ve at times been mesmerised by, they (or at least some of them/at least the poets) are here — those favourite poets.

Based in India, Kashyap’s first poetry chapbook is upcoming from Clare Songbirds Publishing House, and Sethumadhavan is an undergraduate at Ramjas College, DU. Devitt, from the USA, is a fiction writer, more inclined towards the historical fiction genre, while Stice is a poet with two full collections and a recent chapbook, Desert, from Prolific Press.

English is our preferred language, and we have published our third issue, are working on Issue 04, and are closed to submissions (except for those of creative nonfiction) for the foreseeable future.

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