Coronavirus has taken a toll on all of us in different manners, and because we can not promise consistency right now, submissions are closed for the while! However, we’re working on a ‘youth’ Issue 07, and are soliciting young writers for the same. Please keep an eye out, and perhaps help with some donations too. (Submissions made to Issue 06 are being responded to.)

No fuss! Just this:


Our email address is:

Doubts? Discuss with us! We look forward to hearing from you.

We do accept simultaneous submissions, but we also expect correspondence from you once your piece(s) are accepted elsewhere (before we’ve sent in the word to you). Also, the rights revert back to you upon publication, but please make sure you allow us to be grateful to you — let us have the first publication credits (that helps spread the word).

For submitting to our issues, title your submission (.doc/.docx/.pdf) with your last name, and genre. Also, please mention the title of your pieces, alongside your biographical statement in the email. Thank you!

We’d selected for the fourth issue (from over 225 submissions) — 10 unsolicited poems, 2 featured poems, 2 pieces of fiction and a book review. Also, we did respond to every submission within 12 weeks (um!—except for a couple).

Expedited Submissions

However, if you wish to receive an answer in less than even 10 percent of that time — say 7 days, say a week — we’ve begun allowing expedited submissions. You could send us $5 / £3.5 / ₹150 through PayPal, here, and we will answer back in no time. Moreover, that money will be added to our donation box for Bold + Italic, which will help us improve our website and bring along more traffic, hence more viewers for your works.

Because we are very young now, we are not a paying market, but we will do our best to promote our artists every which way. Also, you could consider donating, so as to help us become a paying market soon.

Another question in the quirky head? Please use the contact form below.

We are looking for volunteers, wish to join us? Please use the contact form.

We read all forms of poetry but, as it is, our contributors wish to know, and ask, what sort our editors specifically deal with; so, we are including a list of authors our poetry editor has read lately.

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