a list of authors

We read all forms of poetry but, as it is, our contributors wish to know, and ask, what sort our editors specifically deal with; so, we are including a list of authors our co-founder/poetry editor has majorly read.

Agha Shahid Ali | Magdalena Ball | Shaindel Beers | William Blake | José Manuel Cardona | Anne Casey | Mila Christiansen | Gillian Clarke | Danielle Cadena Deulen | Carol Ann Duffy | Carrie Etter | Heather June Gibbons | Kahlil Gibran | Selima Hill | Jamie Houghton | Marie Howe | Russell Jones | Jacinta Kerketta | Brian Kirk | Deborah Landau | Shara Lessley | Federico García Lorca | Kathryn Maris | Mel McMahon | William Stanley MerwinNaomi Shihab NyeJill Osier | Abigail Parry | Fiona Perry | Rochelle Potkar | Laura Potts | Nancy Reddy | Irwin Allan Sealy | William Shakespeare | Brenda Shaughnessy | Warsan Shire | Richard Siken | Anya Krugovoy Silver | Charles Simic | Lisa Stice | Melissa Studdard | Hannah Sullivan | Janet Sutherland | Rabindranath Tagore | Richard Thomas | William Wordsworth

So, you can have a look at these poets, to test our tastes. We wait to read you sometime soon.


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