Issue 05 (January 2020)



2 Poems, by A. Molotkov
Reflections, by Elodie Rose Barnes
Komorebi, by Attracta Fahy
Black Swan, by Elodie Rose Barnes
2 Poems, by Russell Jones


3 Poems, by Audrey Molloy
Where the #&@* is Bigham?, by Sarah Bigham
Вострае / Sharp, by Hanna Komar


Blue Spruce, by Cal Freeman
Views Through a Lens, by Amar Saeed
2 Poems, by Lisa Stice

Book Review

4 Poems, by Laura Potts
A Spot of Land to Call Home, by Lisa Stice — A Review of Stephen Page’s “A Ranch Bordering the Salty River”


The Installation in San Francisco of ‘Tides’, a Two-Ton Sculpture

Issue 05, edited by Jayant Kashyap.

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