Updates: Issue / Nominations / Info | Early 2020


Dear writers,

It’s been a month since our Fifth Issue was published, and we wanted to share that in the first ten days after the coming out of the issue we received around 2000 visits, which is very enthusiastic. While beginning with Bold + Italic, we sure had been naively ambitious in expecting such a number of visitors after each issue – but our naivety has also been rewarded with this issue.

So, this post is put up here to celebrate all that it signifies, and to inform our (regular and upcoming) contributors about several other things:

  • With the help of the brilliant number of submissions we’ve been receiving for every issue, we’ve been able to nominate poetry and prose for several awards – and now we’ve created a page for that here. We’ll be updating the nominations list every time something new happens.
  • We’ve also created a contributor’s directory now, here – and we’re also working on arranging the links everywhere.
  • And the most important notice is about an upcoming Ekphrastic Challenge – we’re working to update it online soon (we may take a fortnight or so). For the challenge, we’ll be putting up an artwork from a favourite artist at times and you’ll have to respond to it in your very own manner; the best responses will show up in an issue at some time in respective years.

Please rest assured, we’ll be updating our pages accordingly with every little information we can share with you.

With regards,

The Team

PS: If you’re wondering, the most read piece from this issue is Audrey Molloy — 3 Poems, with over a hundred views alone. Have a look!

* Cover image, by Jayant Kashyap

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