Yoko Kubrick


Yoko tells us about her piece of work, and how it did spring up.


“My work is inspired the by the landscapes of my childhood in Guam, Hawaii, and California.  I create sculptures that explore organic forms and embody sensuality and connection with nature.  I am particularly drawn to shapes that emerge from plant life, land formations, and water movement.  The curve of a petal, the ridge of a mountain, the flow of the sea.

“This sculpture, titled Tides was inspired by the Banzai Pipeline, a surf reef break on the North Shore of Oahu, where I lived as a child. Through this form, I try to express reverence for the beauty, movement, fluidity, and energy of ocean waves. The waves on the North Shore break in shallow water and form huge, hollow curls of water tubes in which surfers can ride.  I think there is a sort of magic that happens when we can merge with nature in this way.”



Yoko Kubrick, a Japanese-American sculptor from California, who a year ago sold most of her possessions to move to Italy to work near the Carrara marble caves. This area is famous for its bronze foundries and marble laboratories since the time of Michelangelo who started working here some 500 years ago.

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