Holly Threm Goslin — Divider




Palms press against glass,

a tangible divider between

outside and in, danger and safety.


Some press lightly, 

(the pressure tentative, but still there)

longing for normalcy

in these upended, unsure circumstances.


Others press harder,

vibrating with anxious energy,  

ready to escape the confines

of this unjust and unexpected incarceration.


At the center is peace—

around which outstretched hands orbit

Holly Threm Goslin works as a full-time community college instructor. When not grading papers, she binge-watches Netflix, eats Italian cream cake for breakfast, and fosters dogs for local animal shelters. She lives in the southern U.S. with her husband and pets.

  • This poem was submitted in response to the first ekphrastic challenge (Melting Away, by Sadaf Sawlath).