Happy New Year


To begin with, allow us to wish all of you — our friends, friends of friends, and friends of friends of friends — a very happy new year, with a hope that it all begins the best way possible and continues thus.

This new year, we’re reading new and old writers alike while working on our Issue 03, which is partially based on the theme of ‘infants.’ We began with Vladimir Nabokov while sorting out the submissions, are reading Miriam Darlington and are moving forward to Sylvia Plath later this month.

This blog post, here, is meant specifically to celebrate three pieces of the many that we published. Those three pieces that were the most read in our very first year, which are —

  1. Other, by Robert Okaji — Poetry, 220 Views
  2. Black, by Divya Devarajan — Poetry, 184 Views
  3. The Man Who Stopped Speaking, by Sylvia Schwartz — Prose, 144 Views

We hope that you like these pieces enough, and keep showering your presence along.

We are currently working on our Issue 03, and we’ll soon be working on the submissions that we’ve now begun receiving for Issue 04.

With warmth,

Lisa, Kat and Jayant


• Image: Amar Saeed, Pixelated Reality

Pushcart (2018) Update


So to begin with, your little e-magazine here has brought forth its second issue with quite a success, but we had left something a little missing for you — the Featured Poems(s) segment of Issue 02, particularly; and we’ve readied ourselves to show you what we’ve got.

The Featured Poems this time come up from Kathryn Maris’s third collection The House with Only an Attic and a Basement (Penguin, 2018). We’re sure you’ll those as much as (or more than) we did, but never lesser!

Read her featured poems, School Run, and Jesus with Cigarette, here!!!

As for the Pushcart Prize, as the title suggests, let’s tell you that we’ve nominated six items (as is the rule) for the Pushcart Prize, and those are —

from Issue 01:

the nominations

from Issue 02:

With particular thanks to Sylvia Schwartz for helping with posting the nominations to the committee, without whom, obviously, the nominations would never be possible.

With your continued support, we also hope to keep nominating for numerous prizes further.


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