“April is the Cruellest Month”


But, by far, has it been so really?

Hello Wonderful Readers,

It’s been a bit over a month and a half now since the time that Issue 03 appeared. With a number of wonderful writers from far-off planets. With a wonderful artwork, from Jim Zola, which was an ‘at-a-glance’ selection.

So, this blog post today means to celebrate such writing — such wonderful writing. And, to say just so, we’re cheering for those pieces that we published in Issue 03, which were read the most:

  1. You Said I Can Nurture, Richard Thomas: a total of 155 people have read this poem so far.
  2. Moon, Fiona Perry: by far a total of 134 people have tracked her here.
  3. Perspectives on a Crime Scene, Alex Stolis: we’ve been receiving several emails saying that this set of poems is a beauty, while 123 people have read it thus.

But then, these are all poems, and the most read prose piece from our Issue 03 is Cristina Bresser de Campos’ Grandpa Orsini, which is a success in itself too — with 95 reads thus far.

On the other hand, while we have received 20 per cent more submissions this time than any of the previous issues, we’ve also been planning to nominate some poems from our first two issues for the Best Indian Poetry, further updates regarding which we’ll put up sometime soon — very soon, let’s hope!

And until then, we’re hoping to read more from you, be it fiction, nonfiction, poetry or else (and we wish to look at more art pieces very much!)


Kat, Lisa & Jayant

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PS: Have a look at Duotrope’s interview with one of us to know more about our preferences.

Cover photo: shot at Bandipora, Jammu & Kashmir, India; shot by Naureen.