Fiona Perry



On wintery afternoons

It is white henna on blue skin

A chalky imprint, washable

Or a loose bubble thinning

To extinction, hanging in a

Papery husk. Viewed through


A telescope, pulled startlingly

Close, a pearl enveloped by

Black gown. Dark volcanic maria

Filling spaces between bright

Ancient celestial highlands.

Your love only ever shows its


Near side. As many seas and basins

Obscured as apparent. But even with

My head turned ground-ward, ears

Cupped, a loosening of attention.

It’s there, dense. Encircling.

A gliding, permanent, natural satellite.

Fiona’s short stories and poetry have been published in Other Terrain, Boyne Berries, Spontaneity Magazine, Into The Void, Dodging The Rain and Skylight47 amongst others. Her short fiction was nominated for the Morrison Mentoring prize in 2014 and 2015. She grew up in Ireland but has lived most of her adult life in England and Australia. She currently lives in New Zealand. | Twitter

Read more from her:
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