Issue 03 (March 2019)

Featured Poetry

You Said I Can Nurture, by Richard Thomas
Ants are Pickier than You, by Jamie Houghton



Moon, by Fiona Perry
Perspectives on a Crime Scene, by Alex Stolis
Pan, Before He Could Fly, by Iris Orpi
The Fountain, by Margarita Serafimova
Mother Love, by Deborah L. Staunton
1979, by Marianne Szlyk
Three Poems by Xe M. Sánchez
A Leap Year Is, by Adra Raine



Grandpa Orsini, by Cristina Bresser de Campos
A Story by the Teddy Bear, by Sunil Sharma
Seeing at Night, by Stephen Page



Untitled Faces, by Jim Zola

This issue, (prose) co-edited by
Kat Devitt. Kat’s work of fiction appears in our first issue; (poetry) co-edited by Lisa Stice.

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