Elizabeth Spencer Spragins



April arroyos

weave the waters through burnt sand—

red willow baskets

ripe with roasted piñon nuts

cradle patterns of the past


~ Taos, New Mexico, USA

The High One


cold curtains of fog

veil the face of Denali

when snow fire singes

eyes that linger on her limbs

hunger holds the heart aloft


~ Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

Cause and Effect


a lone polar bear

lumbers over sodden earth—

paw prints in the mud

lead to a dark horizon

where black and white are no more


~ Glacier Bay, Alaska, USA


Elizabeth Spencer Spragins is a poet, writer, and editor who taught in community colleges for more than a decade. Her tanka and bardic verse in the Celtic style have been published in England, Scotland, Canada, Indonesia, Mauritius, and the United States. Recent work has appeared in the Lyric, Blueline, Halcyon Days, Rockvale Review, and Page & Spine. Publication updates are available on her website.
Read more from her:
Kindling, in Peacock Journal
Tiananmen Square, on The Society of Classical Poets website

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