Mark Jackley

To a Cicada

It took you 17 years

to sound the alarm. I get it,

the clock doesn’t care

if I wake up.

Abandoned Church

There is no path.

A cricket chants, Hear us, we belong.

It is not a prayer.

He has lost nothing.

Short Days

a two-lane in the sticks

three locals in a field

dressed up like Santa dancing

atop a bright green tractor

who waved their beers

and hooted something

and a little joy

flaked down in a place

we sped through


Mark Jackley’s latest book, On the Edge of a Very Small Town, is available free by emailing His poems have appeared in Sugar House Review, Fifth Wednesday, The Cape Rock, Natural Bridge, and other journals. He lives in Purcellville, Virginia.
Read more from him:
Where Did Our Love Go, on Blue Bonnet Review
Emergency Room, in B O D Y

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