Divya Devarajan



Black. A colour. An emotion.
The first colour that you know, the first emotion that you feel–
Black. It fills your world right when you’re formed in the womb;
With closed eyes, you touch its nothingness,
You reach out for it; only to get mesmerized by its vastness.

Then you meet black right after you come out to the world,
as a part of the umbilical cord that stays back
Which reminds you of the safest place; inside your mother’s womb.
Little by little you meet it on your life’s path,
Reminding you of its presence in unexpected ways.

You get furious at it, when you meet it as a blood clot
as you fall off from the cycle in the first ride as a kid
And later you start loving it, when black trends your world
As a teen and in the adolescence, all you own is black or nothing;
Later you get agitated by it, as it reminds you of the long office hours,
sweating in the black suit which wraps around you irritably.

As you grow older, you get awed by its beauty
While you watch the night sky and it bares all its beauty in front of you.
Little by little you get inspired by its depth,
to not change a tint, even as other colours try to merge in it
Just taking it all in its stride and not move an inch.


Even as you meet black amidst mourning of dear ones

You can’t hate it because that’s how life is,

To start from black and to complete the cycle

and to let it engulf you one day to be nothing but black.



A Civil Engineer by profession, Divya Devarajan lives with her family in Kerala. While reading has always been a favourite hobby, writing is a new found passion and over the last one year she has been working on improving. A quiet day with drizzling rain and a book in her hand, she says, defines heaven for her.

5 thoughts on “Divya Devarajan

  1. The concept though a personalised one is logically progressive It has simplicity and beauty though at times the narrative part is a little overbearing The poem cannot be read without a sense of destiny haunting the reader A bold attempt,a mature expression I would say Congrats

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