Issue 04 (June 2019)

Featured Poetry

Lament for Aleppo, and Quiet Into the Void, by Anne Casey



What the Waiting Do, by Stephanie L. Wilcox
The Bicycle Man, by David Appelbaum
Impact Zone, by Duke Trott
Chéri, by Liza Libes
How W(e)omen are Born and The Most Golden Ticket, by Monica Lewis
The Art of Forgetting, by Feby Joseph
It’s in the Name, by John C. Mannone
Reading the News with Erica, by Andy N.
Aqui, by Jacqueline Jules



The Adoration, by Bruce Meyer
Sentenced to Death by the Muse, by Mark Blickley + Amy Bassin


Book Review

Owls and Sense: A Review of Miriam Darlington’s ‘Owl Sense’, by Jayant Kashyap



Equinox, by Jeremy Nathan Marks

This issue, (prose) co-edited by Kat Devitt. Kat’s work of fiction appears in our first issue; (poetry) co-edited by Lisa Stice.

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