Russell Jones — 2 Poems


Triple Raise Against a Flat Call


When you said you were going, I said

How far? and wrapped you up, a bet

against the outside. You looked back, checked

I meant it. I did. I mean everything.


Table-quiet, I fold away

our life, each indecision

barely worth cashing,

and realise the play.



we spoiled in another sun – you, me, ganesha perched

in teak, sawn-tusk held like a halved banana,

withering in the summer, transformed – we said –

by tonic spliced, ice cubes kept from last year’s

heat wave, when we tended the plants like shivas

with watering cans, watched them die in rebellion: oh,

we gods of mediocrity, barely able to feed

the parking meter or pass a week without burning

in the burnished temples we build

R Jones HD

Russell Jones is a writer and editor based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He has published 5 poetry collections and edited 3 anthologies. He is deputy editor of Scotland’s only sci-fi magazine and is the UK Pet Poet Laureate. Russell has a PhD in Creative Writing from The University of Edinburgh. Find him here.

  • Featured image, by Amar Saeed.

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