Attracta Fahy — Komorebi




I have been falling in love with

mysterious gods,

long as I can recall, the enigmatic you-

you see in the pupilla of another’s eye,

that moment you know all gods at once,

ineffable host, yellowing sun.


An artist paints rays

streaming through cloud,

crimson outlines, earth,

leaves radiate in the wind.


Whatever alchemist, genius, you are,

I pray to you, worship the curve of your

smile, the shadows that beam,

my hands long to touch your veil.


I find you in raindrops touch’

on my lips. We, blackbirds singing,

our sound an Om of divinity.

I hold you as guest

in this deep ravine, yin of my veins.

I nest you in rivers, moss, the grooves

of my body. For I am clay.


But we are all archangels, born of this sun,

bringers of dawn, scattering grace

through fronds in hope of love. We are life,

and death, and the waves, and still,

I can’t find words to write you.


*Komorebi – a Japanese word to describe a phenomenon, like
the light that filters – when sunlight shines through trees.

Attracta Fahy

Attracta Fahy earned her MA in Writing NUIG in 2017. Her poems have been published in many magazines at home and abroad. She was the October winner in Irish Times’ New Irish Writing 2019, was nominated for Pushcart 2018, Best of the Web 2019, shortlisted for 2018 Over The Edge New Writer of The Year, and long listed in 2019, shortlisted for Allingham Poetry Prize 2019. Her chapbook collection will be published in March 2020.

Read more from her, in The Blue Nib, and on Poethead.

  • Featured image, by Amar Saeed.

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